About Us

Choose a Partner, Not a Vendor!

Since 2015, Masscom Corp has focused on providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost to start-ups and mid scale businesses.

While we have a few “enterprise scale” organizations to name in our client roaster, our primary focus remains small to medium scale businesses especially startups. Given such a focus, we truly understand the day to day challenges in delivering technology solutions to this segment.

Our extensive array of services helps our customers leverage next-generation technologies to build, transform and manage their IT operations as a natural extension to their in-house teams.

We provide a unique mix of domain expertise of cutting age Digital Product Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Support Services to keep up with day to day operations.

Our Clientele

Tailor-made or Turn-key?
We understand startups.

We understand there is only so much that can be planned. And so we just plan for the unplanned. By startup we really mean the day to day challenges, the deadlines, the unexpected. We also mean the the adrenaline, the opportunity and also a sense of belongingness to the cause.

We understand that cashflow and time are not always the luxury. And so we focus on tailor-made solutions for core aspect of business. But provide with turn-key solutions for something that just needs to get done without much of an afterthought.

Industries We Have Served

Health care
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