Process Automation

In this Era of cut-throat competition and smarter customers, successful organizations have been fast to adopt practices that not only are cost efficient but also more reliable. One such practice under the lens has been to provide better alternatives to mundane, repetitive and error prone activities traditionally performed by various department. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows simulation of a human being’s interaction with a traditional computer screen interface to perform jobs such as data entry, or simply to automate business tasks through any Software Application interface normally taken care of by a human being. RPA has enabled organizations with significant cost savings and increase in employee productivity, service levels and capacity.

The Masscom advantage


Extensive experience of implementing RPA across industries


End-to-End Implementation and support


Frugal and agile implementation

Process Driven

Unique Process based approach

Masscom’s unique process to implementing RPA

Locating Avenues for Implementation

Carrying a start-up mind-set, we believe in being frugal to the core. Recommendations to implement RPA only in tasks aligned with business objectives and avoiding unnecessary costs on rest.

Cross Functional Assessment and Planning

Holistic run through of shortlisted tasks for RPA implementation across all affected functions Mutually agreed downtime with affected functions so that business operations are not hampered

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Pilot with RPA implementation on least impactful business process Share results and perform evaluations in comparison to same activity being performed by human resources

Deployment and Rigorous Testing

Implementation of RPA across pre-agreed tasks post successful PoC Rigorous and thorough testing with client team to ensure alignment with pre-planned objectives

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