Staffing Solutions

Why choose us?

Masscom’s staffing team is your go-to-team for flexible, agile and talented professionals at costs lower than self-hiring. We provide staffing options from a no-commitment hourly engagement to full-time dedicated team. We also work as extension of internal recruitment team for permanent hires.

Reasons to trust us with finding your next resource

15 day evaluation period for contract staffing. You don’t pay if the resource does not work out No questions asked.
Turn around time
We likely have someone ready for the role, and if not, our dedicated staffing specialist can quickly find the right talent.
Culture fit
There is a reason we work with only a handful of clients at a time. We understand a culture fit is as important as technical skills.
Industry Focus
We are focused on hi-tech staffing only. Within technology sector we only work with verticals that we have in-house technical expertise.
Cost effective
Our narrow focus on the handful of industries we serve gives us an edge. Cost to quality ratio is second to none in the industry.
IP protection
We understand the every aspect of protecting confidential information outside corporate networks and across the geographical borders.

Tech Stack

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