What is DataOps Managed Services?

Modern data platforms are built with a dizzying number of technologies. At the same time, the expectations of your customers, analysts, data engineers, and data scientists are getting higher every day. DataOps Managed Services help you architect, operate, automate, and support your data platform to meet the needs of your customers.





Who needs DataOps Managed Services?

IT and data management
teams who seek to deliver reliable experience for analytics and ML users.

Business teams that expect access to reliable, up-to-date data.

Product owners who are building products using data and AI.

Data scientists who want reliable access to data in all its forms.

Governance and security
teams that need to eliminate data sprawl and centralize management.

What is (and is not) included in DataOps Managed Services?

DataOps Managed Services is one of our most flexible offerings. No two customers are exactly alike, but below we list some examples of what is typically covered and not covered.

What do DataOps Engineers do?

What do DataOps Engineers NOT do?

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