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Mobile and Web Backend

Get scalable, robust, and secure backend for your web and mobile apps with our backend development services. We know how to strengthen your application landscape with superior-quality backend solutions. Our backend developers write, optimize, and deploy the intricate server-side code keeping architectural consistency. Get faster app performance 24/7. We build distributed, loosely coupled software services that carry out a small number of well-defined tasks. The industry term for this approach is Microservices

Why Microservices?

Customers are generally accessing your services using website or mobile application with high expectation of best features and services your product can provide. As a result, companies must continuously deliver new features and fixes. In past, this process was painful because an application was usually developed, deployed and made available as a single monolithic application. Which increases time to market as development and testing needs huge amount of time when you have a monolithic architecture. Microservices are small autonomous services that work together and modelled on business domains. It can change and evolve and be deployed independent of each other and multiple instances of the same can be spawned if one of the microservices is creating a bottleneck during peak hours. Enterprises adoptions of microservices based architecture for software development is growing rapidly and becoming de-facto pattern of adoption as a whole or as part of the overall architecture.
Agility and Scalability
One of the main factors to look for adoption of microservices to makes your application development more agile and also let it easily scalable whenever required.
A monolith application by dividing it into MicroServices can be developed by different team or group and can be tested independently except integration of two different microservices.
Microservices simplifies application development cycle process including support, security, deployment, maintenance, and rollbacks.
Some microservices may be duplicated in a process with repeatable tasks such as login systems. It brings down overall cost of development.
Enterprises have been using JAVA applications for more than 2 decades, they can convert these Java Applications to microservices and they can deploy the same team with training. Their business knowledge in the older enterprise application helps to avoid major issues.
The use of Microservices has been picked up by successful enterprises in recent times as they race towards an agile DevOps and continuous testing practice.

Why choose Masscom for your Microservices’ needs

Microservices implementation requires expertise

While there are numerous benefits to Microservices’ implementation, independently run Microservices require a seamless method of communication to operate as one larger application. A botched-up job may end up doing more harm than good and that is why it is absolutely necessary to bring on board someone with necessary expertise like Masscom is brought onboard for your Microservices’ requirements.

Low Cost Fool Proof process

We believe in providing honest opinions that cut down costs for you rather than being in a rush to “microservices all the things”. Bringing in a start-up mindset, we base our practices on de-prioritising Microservices implementation for the processes that don’t serve business-critical functions. Our motto is being a partner and not a vendor.

Go Serverless!

The benefits of serverless computing are manifold

1. Cost
  • Saves of upfront costs of buying and maintaining servers
  • Brings down total cost as you pay only for the resources you use
  • Allows to add or remove capacity as per your needs in the quantum you desire
  • Takes a much lesser time than the traditional method of buying and owning infrastructure
  • Developers can focus only on logics and code
  • Infrastructure easy to be made available as per their requirement
  • Allows you to focus on what takes your business higher
  • Don’t have to worry about server downtime and associated problems

4 reasons to subscribe to Masscom’s distinguished Serverless Migration services

Secure Data

We realize that stored information forms the backbone of any enterprise and any leakage could have grave consequences. We allow your peace of mind by strictly administering Identity and Access Management (IAM) compliance and Cognito authentication of users to privately secure your cloud infrastructure.


We undertake every project like it’s our first and with a hunger to prove ourselves. So, you can be rest assured that for any problem during or after the migration, we are there for you.

Expertise with all cloud service providers

Masscom’s engineers have expertise in implementing Serverless Architecture will all cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. Let us know your preference and we’ll do the job for you.

Agile and low cost approach

Our USP is to approach all projects with frugal and agile mindset. So, while a superlative performance is always guaranteed for you, we also have an eye to cut down costs for you as much as possible.

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